Definition of an Expat

A person taking up residency in another country to work for an extended period of time;

Now the most commonly used term for those working in companies outside of their home country and have resettled with their family

An foreign exchange service company set up to remove the hassles of earning overseas while having currency needs at home.

There are millions of expats globally, and need a reliable, hassle free, cost effective currency exchange. provides simplicity, service, savings. REGISTER HERE




ExpatFx started out to help a few friends scattered out across the globe; but these expat friends are still scattered across the globe and still need FX/currency services.


Who is ExpatFx?

David Douglas


david douglas

David Douglas been involved in international currency since 1998. Dave started at Bank of Scotland, doing his bank exams and the Foreign Exchange Diploma – more commonly known as the ACI diploma.

15 years of pushing banking and treasury products gave David the know-how of what a client demands and how to provide this service and do it well.

"its  always been about  good service, short set up time, coupled with consistently good pricing and savings"

You can get online very quickly - within a few hours
just use your passport number - the super long number on your passport. REGISTER HERE



Why use


I have spent years saying to FX clients:

Proof of the pudding is in the eating - try us - just once - we won't let you down as we want to be your ‘friend for life’ - not just for one transaction.

  • tick You need easy sign up
  • tick You need a reliable service
  • tick YOU NEED SAVINGS and no TT fees


Simple scenario

When you get your salary...every month and get your pay check/cheque (depending where you are in the world) and you want to send some money home or to pay a holiday or buy an apartment etc etc

This biggest aggravation is paying 3-4-5% commission to do a standard currency conversion then to add insult to injury £30-£40-£50 for the TT payment.

Our clients are dotted around the world and its incredible how many long serving expats are still being ripped off week after week.

Example of Financial Savings and No €xchange Rate Risk






Testimonials to back it up:

Andrew Strachan – Oil professional, Malaysia

“Like it says on the tin, easy set up, good service and good savings versus the usual uncompetitive banks”







What you need to know


Security and Trust

Protecting your funds from risk is our primary purpose, and this governs how our business operates in every way.

Expat FX is a trading name of Global Brands Guernsey Limited registered in Guernsey, registration number 60096.
Expat FX payment and foreign currency exchange services are provided by Ebury Partners UK Limited.

Ebury Partners UK Limited. Company registered in England and Wales (registered no. 7088713). Registered office: 3rd floor, 100 Victoria Street, Cardinal Place, London, SW1E 5JL.

Expat FX is partnered with Ebury Partners UK Limited as its Programme Manager.
Ebury Partners UK Limited are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Electronic Money Institution. (Reference Number 900797).

Ebury Partners UK Limited is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office under the UK Data Protection Act (registered no Z209673X).

Ebury Partners UK Limited is registered with the ICO under the UK Data Protection Act; its registration number is Z209673X. All client information is held securely on remote servers. Client information, paper or electronic, is handled with due care; in line with Ebury Partners UK Limited internal guidelines.

As a regulated Payment Institution, Ebury is able to passport its license to offer its services in all EEA Member states. Full details of the Ebury Partners UK Limited license can be found on the FCA register.

Ebury Partners UK limited client funds are held in segregated accounts, entirely separate from our own operating accounts, so client funds are always safe.


Please feel free to contact us on: +44 203 627 7570

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